” Chad helped me get over a back injury that had been bothering me for years. I’d been
going for massage and chiropractic appointments on a bieweely basis for quite some
time. I noticed a significant improvement after being treated by Chad just a few
times. I wish I had done this years ago as I would have saved a lot of money and
time. Chad’s combination of Chiropractic and ART treatments work!



” Dr. Wilson (Chad) was recommended to me by a coworker who had success with
headaches following his treatments. Before being treated I would experience what
I thought were migraines at least every few weeks. Dr. Wilson worked through the
muscles in my neck and upper back over a series of weeks. I haven’t had a headache
since completing my third treatment at the clinic about 4 months ago. Thanks
Chad! “



Chad was very professional and personable and dealt with my issue in only two sessions.
I’ve been pain free ever since.  Thanks Chad!



I’ve had back adjustments and soft tissue massage from Chad.
His active release treatments fixed severe knee problems that made it difficult to ride a bike.
He also got me quickly back into shape after my back and neck were thrown out in a car
accident.  Great guy – keeps very up to date on the latest techniques and knowledge.



I’ve seen Chad for Chiropractic care.  His office has great hours, convenient location and
accessible services.  I always walk out feeling much better than when I walked in.



” Dear Dr. Wilson;

This letter is a simple “thank you”. At 52 years of age I have been feeling some pain
and cramping in both my feet. Since you have done Active Release Therapy, frequently
referred to as ART, on both my feet, I have experienced a significant reduction in the
cramping. In addition, my shoulder has kept me on the anti-inflammatory drug, celebrex,
for quite some time in order to tolerate the pain. Again, ART has proven to have helped
in that I no longer am taking the drug and the pain is tolerable.

I also believe that the chiropractic adjustments in my neck significantly reduce the
tension I usually feel in my neck and shoulders. It actually feels “warm and tingly”
when I leave your office and believe me, that is a nice feeling. I have also been able to
increase my range of motion as a result of both chiropractic and ART. Although I still
get migraine headaches, I am hopeful that with time, the therapy will alleviate these. For
all this, I thank you.

I also want to acknowledge your approach in that you have always taken the time to
explain and, on a number of occasions, I have actually felt some energy transfer during
treatment (most likely coming from my reiki training).
We have had some good
conversations as well. It is sad that the system does not fully embrace the practice and
that insurance companies will not support it as it does the drug manufacturing industry.

In closing Dr. Wilson, thank you for your warmth. I would not hesitate to refer you
to anyone who is open to and has access to natural healing practices before accepting
invasive procedures or the possibility of having to take drugs to mask pain.


L.P. “


Dr Chad Wilson is treating me for chronic low back pain.  After using other modalities of treatment for two years I was open to alternative care.  His active release ART and chiropractic adjustments have reduced the pain in my low back and neck.

He has also referred me to Shelagh Haynes, physiotherapist, who has customized an exercise program, combined with acupuncture to reduce pain.  She ensures that I use proper exercise technique .
I would like to thank you both and would recommend your therapies to anyone.

Sincerely ML.  RN BScN.


“Dear Chad,

 The reason for the e-mail is to sincerely thank you for helping to restore the mobility in my right shoulder. When we first met I was on a lengthy waiting list to meet with a shoulder surgeon after dislocating my shoulder. Between your ART therapy, quality physiotherapy and dedicated work on my part the surgeon informed me later that year that I was ‘no longer a surgical candidate’. I can’t tell how comforting those words were to hear.

You also brought an end to the persistent tinkling sensation in my left hand that had plagued me for several months…………so we’re now back on the road to good health. I would not hesitate for a moment to use your services again and have told my doctor how pleased I have been with the referral. Continued success Chad!

 Thanks again,



I cannot say enough about how pleased I was with the treatment I received at the Ottawa Collaborative Care Centre.   I have had back issues before and had gone to a chiropractor over the years but seeing Chad was a completely different experience. He did a full  skeletal analysis in order to look at my body as a whole as opposed to just focusing on the affected area.  He then pinpointed the problem which was scar tissue pinching a nerve. After four Active Release Therapy treatments the pain is completely gone and I have more mobility in my back than I had before.  I also saw Shelagh  for some additional physiotherapy and back exercises to strengthen my core.   All have been very helpful.

Not only am I  grateful for the improvement with my back issues but I also felt that both Chad and Shelagh were truly interested in making me better.  They were delightful to deal with as was Carolyn, the office manager. A great team!
I will certainly highly recommend the OC3 group.




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