FAQ – Chiropractic

What makes the “cracking noise during an adjustment?

It is not uncommon to hear a pop or click when performing a chiropractic adjustment. This noise is actually gas escaping from the joints. As two bones come together to form a joint, there is fluid between the bones which acts as a lubricant and allows for smooth motion of the joint. This fluid contains dissolved gases. As a joint becomes tight and does not move properly the pressure will build up in the joint. An adjustment releases the pressure in the joint and by doing so will also release the gases within the joint, which creates a popping sound. It is similar to opening a champagne bottle. As the pressure is released gas escapes and makes a pop.  The same thing also happens when someone “cracks their knuckles”.

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

In the majority of cases a chiropractic adjustment is painless. In fact, most patients will feel an immediate relief with an adjustment. In some cases – such as following a recent injury – the muscles and ligaments around the joint may be painful and inflamed. When this happens, any pressure on the area will provide some discomfort, including an adjustment. If the area is too tender or sensitive to tolerate the pressure of an adjustment, our chiropractors will use other techniques such a gentle mobilizations or soft tissue therapies to help facilitate healing and de-sensitize the area so an adjustment will be more tolerable in subsequent visits

Is Chiropractic treatment based on evidence?

Yes. Chiropractic treatment is firmly based on science, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. There have been at least six formal government inquiries into chiropractic worldwide over the last 25 years and all have agreed that chiropractic care is safe and effective. In addition, there have been countless scientific clinical studies that have supported chiropractic treatment.  Chiropractors now hold research chair positions at a number of major Canadian Universities, and the research supporting the use of Chiropractic treatments continues to mount.

For examples of relevant research, please click on the link below:


Do chiropractors refer patients to other doctors?

Like most health care providers, our chiropractors belong to a large and growing network of health care professionals. Our chiropractors are well educated in recognizing risk factors and signs of serious disease. The goal of your initial visit and examination is to determine what is causing your pain/condition, and to determine if your condition is appropriate for chiropractic care.  If we feel that your condition is not best treated by our chiropractors, or would be better treated by a medical doctor or other healthcare provider, we will refer you to the appropriate clinic.

What education does a chiropractor have?

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in problems of muscles, joints, and nerves of the body. Chiropractors are educated in basic training in the biological and health sciences and receive specialized training in the chiropractic discipline, including extensive clinical training. Becoming a chiropractor in Canada requires a minimum 3 or 4 years of undergraduate education, followed by a 4 or 5 year Chiropractic doctorate.  This includes no less than 4500 hours of classroom and clinical instruction at an institution approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada.  Our chiropractors are also fully certified in Active Release Techniques, a post graduate myofascial release certification.

Do physicians recommend Chiropractic?

Most do, and many physicians are being treated by chiropractors themselves for various conditions

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