Active Release Techniques (ART)

Immediate Effect on Pain Thresholds Using Active Release Technique on Adductor Strains: Pilot Study

Robb, A. and, Pajaczkowski, J. Active Release Techniques (ART) proved to be an effective way to reduce acute pain resulting from adductor strain. Pain pressure thresholds significantly improved after one single treatment. Other research cited in the article suggests the success of this technique is not limited to adductor muscles, but have been effective in treating various other origins of muscle pain: cervical spine, cervical myofascial layer, upper trapezius muscle, and chronic neck pain – just to mention a few. In sum, ART proves to be a rapidly effective approach to treat muscle pain and increase pain pressure thresholds. Read the article here: Immediate effect on Pain Thresholds Using ART on Adductor Strains Summary by Skylar Urschel

The Effects of Active Release on Hamstring Flexibility: A Pilot Study

George, J.W., Tunstall, A.C., Tepe, R.E., and Skaggs, C.D. Active Release Technique – known as ART – was applied with the goal of lengthening the hamstring muscles in order to evaluate the effect on an individual’s flexibility. All subjects in the trial experienced a significant increase in hamstring flexibility after one ART session. Read the article here: The Effects of ART on Hamstring Flexibility Summary by Skylar Urschel

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