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In keeping with its holistic healing approach, OC3 is now offering clinical yoga as an adjunct to traditional rehabilitation services, with the goal of helping our clients achieve optimal health outcomes. We believe that yoga can serve as a medium for healing in the context of conventional rehabilitation by blending ancient health wisdom with new age knowledge of multidisciplinary health management.
Small group yoga therapy classes, led by Shelagh Haynes, registered physiotherapist and certified yoga instructor, provide the space and professional guidance to safely and effectively perform the prescribed active exercises between physiotherapy/chiropractic/massage therapy sessions necessary to maximize treatment outcomes.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Postpartum Yoga Program

Spine Care Yoga

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Athletes

Our clinic provides evidence-based, clinical yoga in a convenient location just east of Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa.  We’re specifically located in the “Golden Triangle” region of Centretown, just west of the Rideau Canal and a close walk to Pretoria Bridge, University of Ottawa, Somerset Bridge, Ottawa City Hall, the Glebe, and the Parliament Buildings.

For further details, or to book an assessment or a session, contact us.

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You can take advantage of the free 3-hour street parking on Delaware St. There are also several other streets within a couple of blocks (south) of the clinic with free 1 hour parking (Waverly, Frank, MacDonald).

If you require 2 hour parking, please go to McLaren St.